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Medium to High Flow, Jorlon Diaphragm

Angle style or inline control valve, for continuous precision control of media, process, purified water and clean utilities in the Biopharmaceutical, Pharmaceutical, Food & Beverage and Consumer Health & Beauty industries:

  • Bioreactor/Fermenter process input control: Growth media, buffer, WFI, sparge and blanket gas
  • Separation input and out control: WFI, process, product and waste streams
  • Purification input and output control: Elution media, solvents, buffer, WFI
  • Formulation/Fill Control: WFI and other vessel inputs, blanket gas, dosing pressure
  • Clean Utilities: WFI, pure steam, CIP, clean compressed air & gas
  • F & B and Consumer H & B Process: inputs, outputs, purified water and clean utilities
Features & Benefits
  • Jorlon diaphragm with lifetime warranty
  • Mechanically polished internal components – 20Ra (0,5µm) finish, electropolish – standard, 8Ra (0,2 µm) optional
  • Gravity draining/no holdup and a variety of installation orientations possible
  • A variety of true flow characteristics available
  • Sizes: 1″ through 2″ (DN25 through DN50)
  • Body/Bonnet Connection: bolted flange
  • Body/Bonnet Seal: valve diaphragm serves as bonnet seal
  • Body/Stem/Bonnet Material: ASTM A479 36L SST barstock
  • Diaphragm: Jorlon (FDA/USP Class VI to +340°F/171°C)
  • Stem Bushing: FDA PEEK (no process contact)
  • Soft Seat Option (Cv ≥3.5 only): PTFE FDA/USP Class VI to +252°F (122°C) continuous or 275°F (135°C) intermittent (less than 15 minutes over one hour); PEEK FDA/USP Class VI to +350°F (177°C)
  • Shutoff: Standard: ANSI Class III with metal seat; Optional: ANSI Class VI with soft seat (Cv ≥3.5 only)
  • Ranges: 3-15, 6-30, 3-9*, 9-15* psi (0,2 – 1,0; 0,4 – 2,0; 0,2 – 0,6*; 0,6 – 1,0* bar) * positioner required
  • Maximum Pressure @ 100°F  (38°C); Jorlon: 150 psi (10,3 bar)
  • Maximum Pressure/Temperature Rating: Jorlon 100 psi @ 340°F  (6,9 bar @ +171°C)
  • Flow Characteristics: linear, equal percentage or quick opening (consult factory for quick openings Cvs)

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