Picture of the Jorlon diaphragm video

Jorlon Diaphragm Video

How do you minimize valve diaphragm failures? Watch this quick video to learn about the Jorlon diaphragm.

Picture of valves with Jorlon diaphragms

What is the Jorlon Diaphragm?

All Steriflow Valves with a Jorlon diaphragm have a lifetime warranty on the diaphragm.

Picture of Jorlon Diaphragm Facts and Warranty

Jorlon Facts and Warranty

The majority of Steriflow valves come with the Jorlon diaphragm and, of course, a lifetime diaphragm warranty.

Jorlon Diaphragm inforgraphic picture

Jorlon Diaphragm InfoGraphic

Save money, extend preventive maintenance diaphragm change-out times, and realize the benefits of a valve that outlasts most normal systems.

Picture of Jorlon Diaphragm Powerpoint presentation

Jorlon Diaphragm PowerPoint

How can you prevent unscheduled shutdowns and reduce change-out times? Check out our presentation on the Jorlon diaphragm.