Picture of Sanitary Back Pressure Regulator

JSB Series

Manual Or Air Loaded, Low To Medium Flow, Sanitary Back Pressure Regulator

Picture of High Purity Low Flow Sanitary Back Pressure Regulator

JSBLF Series

Manual or Air Loaded, Low Flow, Jorlon Diaphragm with lifetime warranty

JSBLFLP Series by Steriflow Valve


Compact, High Purity, Low Flow, Low Pressure, Back Pressure, Jorlon Diaphragm with lifetime warranty

Picture of a High Purity, Low Set Point Steriflow Back Pressure Regulator

JSBLP Series

Manual or Air Augmented, Low Pressure, Low to Medium Flow,
Jorlon Diaphragm

Picture of Clean Gas Distribution Manifold

CGDM Series

Clean gas distribution manifold
Tri-clamp or threaded connections
Ideal for distribution of purge gas or as a distribution point for air/gas actuated valves

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Steriflow’s clean compressed air and gas regulator product line offers some industry firsts, and is the most reliable and complete product application in existence. From sterile gas blanketing for stainless and single use vessels size 2L and larger, to bioreactor sparge or incubator regulation and high flow for air drying after sanitization, our BPRV range has all of your applications covered.

  • Standard gas regulator flow range that range from 2L/min at 1 psi (70 bar) to 8000L/min at 75 psi (5,17 bar)
  • Blanketing gas regulator flow ranges from 2L/min at 1/2″ w.c. (1.25 mbar) to 8000L/min at 5 psi (0,35 bar)
  • Lifetime warranty on our Jorlon PTFE diaphragm