Compact, High Purity, Low Flow, Low Pressure, Back Pressure, Jorlon Diaphragm with lifetime warranty

The JSBLFLP is a fully drainable compact back pressure regulator
designed and built specifically for hygienic, ASME BPE low flow
and low pressure gas and liquid applications.

  • It's been designed specifically to eliminate all threaded connections
    and contaminant traps below the diaphragm.
  • It is completely drainable (an industry first in compact hygienic
    regulator design), and compatible with CIP and SIP
    practices. See drainability guideline on page 6.
  • The simple trim design facilitates quick trim change out and
    cleaning without valve removal or complete disassembly.
Features & Benefits
  • Fully drainable with no threaded connections, or contaminant
    traps below the diaphragm
  • In-line removable trim significantly reduces maintenance
  • Barstock construction guarantees material integrity and
    surface finish
  • Minimized internal volume
  • Proprietary Jorlon diaphragm material provides exceptionally
    long life and CIP/SIP capability, and FDA and USP Class VI compliance and is warrantied for life.
  • Soft seat material for ANSI Class VI shutoff
  • Sizes: 3/8″ (DN10), 1/2″ (DN15), 3/4″ (DN20)
  • Ends: Tri-Clamp, Tube Weld End to ASME BPE, DIN
    or ISO dimensions as standard
  • Soft Seat Materials for ANSI Class VI Shut-Off:
    • TFM to +450°F (232°C) FDA, USP Class VI
    • PEEK to +350°F (177°C) FDA, USP Class VI
  • Body and Wetted Component Material:
    ASME SA479 316L (UNS 31603) is standard. EN
    10272:2000 GR 1.4435, AL-6XN®, Hastelloy®C-22
    and others are optional.
  • Diaphragm Material: PTFE-based Jorlon; FDA, USP
    Class VI
  • Maximum Inlet Pressure:
    • Weld-End, or Tri-Clamp Connections: 150 psig (10,5 barg)
    • NPT Connections: 450 psig (31 barg)
  • Spring Ranges: 2 – 15 psi (0,14 – 1 bar); 10-25 psi
    (0,7 – 1,7 bar) 15 – 40 psi (1 – 2.8 bar)
  • Optional Cleaning Specifications:
    • Clean for Oil-Free
    • O2 Cleaning complying with ASTM G93-03 2011
    and CGA G-4.1-2009
  • Flow Characteristics Cv (Kv):
    • Cv 0.05 (0,04); for relief valve sizing is 0.15(0,13)
    • Cv 0.15(0,13); for relief valve sizing is 0.25(0,21)
    • Cv 0.25(0,21); for relief valve sizing is 0.35(0,30)
    • Cv 0.35(0,30); for relief valve sizing is 0.45(0,39)
  • Surface Finish:
    • Internal wetted components: ASME BPE SF5, 20
    Ra μin, (0,5 Ra μm) electropolished
    • External: 40 Ra μin (1,0 Ra μm) electropolished
    • Other finishes optional
  • Options:
    • Panel Mounting
    • Air Augment
    • Inlet-Outlet Gauge

Jorlon Facts and Warranty

The majority of Steriflow valves come with the Jorlon diaphragm and, of course, a lifetime diaphragm warranty.

Jorlon Diaphragm InfoGraphic

Save money, extend preventive maintenance diaphragm change-out times, and realize the benefits of a valve that outlasts most normal systems.

PRV Gas Regulation Comparison Chart

Understanding the differences among pressure regulating blanketing valves

  • CRN (Canadian Registration Number)
  • SEP Declaration (Sound Engineering Practices)
  • ATEX Certified
  • All products use FDA and USP Class VI approved soft goods and seats where possible. Consult each product data for details

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