Mark 978JD Series

Mark 978JD Series

Medium to high flow, Jorlon diaphragm

Mark 978OR Series by Steriflow Valve

Mark 978OR Series

Medium to high flow, O-ring stem seal

Picture of Mark 978INLINE Series

Mark 978INLINE Series

Medium to High Flow, Jorlon Diaphragm

Picture of JSHM Series Control Valve

JSHM Series

Manual control, low to medium flow, Jorlon diaphragm

Picture of Mark 978LFJD Series

Mark 978LF-JD Series

Low flow, Jorlon diaphragm

Picture of Mark 978LF Series Control Valve

Mark 978LF-OR Series

Low flow, O-ring stem seal

Mark 978JD Series Sanitary Control Valve

Mark 16IQ Series

Side Mounted I/P

Picture of top positioner for sanitary valves

Mark 15 Series

Top mounted pneumatic positioner

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Steriflow’s MK978 Series of Sanitary Control Valves offer customers industry exclusives and a large choice to enable use in any application scenario.

Seals: sliding stem seal design or an aseptic barrier style with the industry’s only Lifetime Diaphragm Warranty.

Flow capability: a broad range of true flow characterized Linear, Equal Percentage and modified characterized plugs with Cv’s (Kv’s) from the industries smallest – 0.005  (0,004) to 100 (85).

Inlet/Outlet configuration: standard angle installations and the industry’s broadest range of horizontal line configurations are available. We also offer broad range of connection types and sizes from fractional to 3″ with imperial and metric tube size with DIN, ISO and ASME BPE clamp configurations.

Automation packages: the industry’s broadest range of side or top mounted positioners with Hart, Foundation Fieldbus or Profibus and I/P’s.