Manual or Pneumatically Actuated Forged Body 2-way valves with Access Port

Tandem access valves (like ported valves) provide access to the interior of the body at the lowest cross section when the body is oriented at the optimal drain angle. However, a secondary valve is included so that you can control the flow for sampling, steam sterilization, purging or condensate drainage. Final configuration detail is confirmed with you prior to fabrication.

Features & Benefits


Single valve Wier valve with access port for sampling, SIP, purging or condensate drainage. Manual on/off or air actuated control of drug process additives, drug products and clean utilities.


  • Bioreactor/fermenter: for use on WFI, growth media, intermediate drug product, clean steam and clean utility fluids
  • Perfused bioreactors: retentate fluid


  • For control of WFI, buffers, solvent, intermediate and finished drug product, clean dry air and gas, clean steam and clean utility fluids in the following production area: separation, filtration, chromatography, formulation, fill finish

Buffer and media prep:

  • For sampling, purging or draining of WFI, buffers, growth media or clean utility fluids

Available sizes:

  • Inlet and outlet: 1/2″ – 4″ (DN15 – DN100)
  • Access port: 1/2″ – 1″ (DN15 – DN25)

Connection type: tri-clamp, extended tube end


  • Standard: Forged EN10272:2000 Gr 1.4435 316L
  • Optional: contact factory

Surface Finish:

Wetted Interior:

  • Standard
    – ASME BPE SF1, 20 Ra µin (0,5 Ra µm)
    – ASME BPE SF5, 20 Ra µin (0,5 Ra µm) electropolish
  • Optional: ASME BPE SF4, 15 Ra µin (0,4 Ra µm) electropolish. Better finish upon request

Exterior: as forged, electropolished


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