Manual, Low to High Flow, Sanitary Back Pressure Regulator

The Mark 95 Series is an angle style, back pressure reducing valve for purified water, clean utilities and media in the biopharmaceutical, pharmaceutical, food & beverage and consumer health & beauty industries.

  • WFI distribution loop: return loop pressure maintenance upstream of spray ball
  • Media/buffer prep., upstream process
  • Input back pressure control for mixing buffer, media
  • Pressure maintenance and relief to sterile containment
  • Separation input and output control: for perfusion TFF, for Trans-membrane Pressure (TMP) control
  • Purification input and output control: for chromatography column, TFF or depth filtration differential pressure control
  • Pump head pressure maintenance or pressure bypass
  • Agitator or pump seal water pressure maintenance
  • F & B consumer H & B process inputs outputs, purified water and clean utilities

Sizing: 3/4″ through 3″ (DN20 through DN80)
Cv & Flow Characteristic: 0.5 – 28 Cv (0,4 – 24,1 Kv)

The Mark 95 series back pressure regulator is available to ship the next business day (order must be entered by 2:00p EST) — See Steriflow Valve Express below for more details.

Features & Benefits
  • No guiding surfaces in the fluid – minimizes particulate generation
  • Soft seat option for ANSI Class VI shutoff
  • 100% 316L barstock body and trim
  • Low offset (creep)
  • Lifetime warranty of Jorlon diaphragm
  • New integral gauge ports optional
  • Removing spring force during Rinse/CIP/Rinse cycle allows valve to fully open with minimal line pressure
  • LL Option allows users to manually open the valve to allow for complete drainability without affecting the set point.
  • Size: 3/4″ through 3″ (DN20 through DN80)
  • End Connections: ASME, Tri-Clamp, ASME Tube Weld Ends, DIN/ISO Tri-Clamp Connections, DIN/ISO Tube Weld Ends
  • Cv & Flow Characteristic: 0.5 – 28 Cv (0,4 – 24,1 Kv)
  • Max. Pressure/Temperature: Dependent upon construction
  • Setpoint Range: 3 psi (0,2 bar) to 90 psi (6,2 bar); dependent on size and construction
  • Wetted Material: ASME SA479 316L (UNS 31603) is standard. EN 10272:2000 GR 1.4435, AL-6XN®, Hastelloy C-22 and others are optional
  • Surface Finish: ASME BPE SF5, 20Ra (0,5µm) electropolish is standard, 8Ra (0,2µm) optional
  • Diaphragm Material: Jorlon FDA, USP Class VI, 316L, EPDM/Nylon (FDA only)
  • Soft Seat Option: Jorlon, PEEK, Teflon (all materials FDA, USP Class VI)

Jorlon Facts and Warranty

The majority of Steriflow valves come with the Jorlon diaphragm and, of course, a lifetime diaphragm warranty.

Steriflow Valve Express Shipment

Our Steriflow Valve Express Program offers you options to get the products you need, when you need them. Many of our products are available for next business day shipment. Look for Steriflow Valve Express in the product descriptions.

  • CRN (Canadian Registration Number)
  • PED Category 1 (Pressure Equipment Directive)
  • SEP Declaration (Sound Engineering Practice)
  • All products use FDA and USP Class VI approved soft goods and seals where possible. Consult each product data for details
  • ATEX Certified
Lift Lever Option

Lift Lever option is available. The Mark 95LL Series is suitable for a variety of process and clean utility applications in the bio-pharmaceutical, semi-conductor, and food & beverage industries including: continuous circuit WFI pump deadhead division, bioreactor agitator seal pressure maintenance, large volume fill back pressure release and zero dead leg pressure relief.

The Mark 95s are normally closed valves. When you remove the spring force from a standard Mark 95, any pressure coming into the inlet will open the valve, allowing drainage (i.e. rinse water-CIP-and-SIP condensate). The valve won’t open unless there is pressure coming into the valve. The “LL” option allows users to manually fully open the valve for gravity drainage without pressure. This can be important because all biopharma and parenteral pharma product systems must be drainable. The Mark 95LL Series allows the system to be drainable when not under pressure.

Mark 95LL Series Data Sheet

Steriflow Valve Express

This back pressure regulator is available to ship the next business day (order must be entered by 2:00p EST).

  • 3/4″: Cv = 0.5, 1.5
  • 1″: Cv = 1.5, 4.5
  • 1-1/2″: Cv = 10
  • T.C. Hard Seat, Standard Finish

Some exclusions may apply

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1. How often should the Mark 95 Series back pressure regulator need maintenance?

The components on the Mark 96 series and the Mark 95 series regulators are built to last a long time and preventative maintenance practices vary wildly across different industries.

For more examples of preventative maintenance timelines for different industries, watch our video.

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