Permanent and Portable Installation

The 316L sample coolers are shell and spiral tube heat exchangers designed specifically to condense and cool pure steam, WFI or USP PW via mains or chilled water. The sample is precision metered by an upstream sample metering valve, and flows down through the spiral sample tube for safe, sterile extraction of room temp samples at the bottom of coolers. The cooling media flows through the shell in the opposite direction, efficiently removing the warmest water first. Sample coolers are designed and manufactured following applicable ASME BPE guidelines.

  • The SC60 is designed to be permanently mounted at the sampling point.
Features & Benefits
  • 316L stainless steel construction – suitable for clean steam and WFI systems
  • Self-draining design – eliminates possibility of sample retention
  • Availability of hygienic sample valve – allows fine control of sample flow during testing
  • Mounting bosses: wall mount bolt kit included
  • Connection Size/Type:
    • Sample connections (inlet/outlet) 1/2″ ASME BPE Tri-clamp;
    • Cooling water connections: 1/2″ ASME BPE Tri-Clamp compatible or 3/4″ ASME BPE Tri-Clamp compatible
  • Design Pressure:
    • Coil: 145 psig @ 347°F (10 barg @ 175°C) and
    • Shell: 145 psig @ 212°F (10 barg @ 100°C)
  • Materials of Construction:
    • Tube: 316L SS, one continuous length from inlet to outlet (no tube welds)
  • Capacity:
    • Pure Steam – 10 l/h of condensate at 86°F (30°C) from steam at 3 barg;
    • Purified water- 30l/h of water from 185°F to 86°F (85°C to 30°C)

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