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At Steriflow Valve, we offer solutions that are designed to improve processes, production rates, and ultimately, the profitability of our healthcare customers. That’s why our complete product range is the trusted choice for multi-national pharma companies to help them produce safe, effective drugs that improve lives. Knowing this inspires us to innovate and excel in everything we do.

New! Sanitary Diaphragm Valves

NEW Product Line! Sanitary Diaphragm Valves

Steriflow Valve now offers a complete line of Sanitary Diaphragm Valves. Manual or air actuated, forged or cast 2-ways, ported and tandem valves, barstock zero static T-block, point of use (POU) T-block, divert tank bottom, and custom block body valves.

COVID Emergency Response Team

Steriflow Valve maintains an Emergency Response Team to expedite inquiries and orders from customers involved in developing or producing testing materials, treatments or vaccines for Covid-19 mitigation. We continue to work with our pharmaceutical customers on critical MRO supply and are ready to assist with product requirements for Covid-19 related projects.

Why Do Business with Steriflow Valve?

Having the right sanitary processing systems and equipment is crucial to ensure consistent, reliable, and uncompromised product. At Steriflow, we understand this and can offer the expertise, product range, and quality needed to help you achieve success.

See the JSRLFLP in Action on a Single Use Vessel

Steriflow is the industry leader for low pressure gas overlay of single use and stainless bioprocess vessels of all sizes. Whether you’re blanketing a 5 or 4000 liter bag at 2.5 mbar or 20 mbar, or a 10,000 liter stainless vessel at 1 bar, Steriflow has the PRV and PBRV vent valve to handle your application.

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Featured Products

Mark 96 Series

Manual, Low to High Flow, Jorlon Diaphragm

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JSB Series

Manual or Air Loaded, Low to Medium Flow, Jorlon Diaphragm

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Mark 94 Series

High flow, <3°F (2°C) subcool operation

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Mark 978JD Series

Medium to high flow, Jorlon diaphragm

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Featured Resources

Picture of valves with Jorlon diaphragms

Jorlon Diaphragm Warranty Resources

All Steriflow Valves with a Jorlon diaphragm have a lifetime warranty on the diaphragm. Learn more about our Jorlon diaphragm by watching a video, viewing an Infographic or powerpoint, or reviewing a "Just the Facts" sheet.

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Video Library

Frequently asked questions, how-to installation and maintenance videos, and much more. Now most available with Close Captioning in English, French, German, Spanish and Korean. Look for CC symbol.

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White Papers

Our white papers provide in-depth knowledge on particular issues and available solutions on common sanitary processing topics.

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Read about our products, industry standards, questions posed by customers, problem solving and much more.

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