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Why Jorlon Diaphragms?

How much are failed laminate diaphragms costing you?

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Steriflow Valve is the trusted choice and the industry leader for sanitary...

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A comprehensive overview of SIP and common problem occurrences.

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Preventative Maintenance for a Mark 95 Sanitary Back Pressure Regulator

December 12, 2016

This video will answer a customer’s question about the maintenance frequency for a Mark 95 sanitary back pressure regulator. Karl…
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Can Steriflow Valves be made out of Alloy Materials?

November 21, 2016

In this video, I will answer a customer’s question regarding which materials can be used on Steriflow Valves. Watch to…
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What our customers are saying

Steriflow's sample coolers are constructed to higher quality standards than others we have tried.... You can see the care taken with the exterior construction. But it's more than that. The single piece of uncut, unblemished sample tubing from sample inlet to outlet means less probability of sample contamination. It's that simple.

The SV sample valve is specifically designed to precisely control the flow of fresh clean steam or hot WFI into a sample cooler. Opening at the inlet, the valve precisely meters any fluid into the drainable body and outlet.

We recently bumped our PM date on our population of MK978 control valves (replaced a competitor starting 8 years ago) to 4 years. Our desire going forward is to bump it to 8 years.

We were having trouble holding precise, low pressures on our nitrogen blanketing of small formulation hold vessels. We installed the JSRLP Series valve and are now able to fine tune and reliably hold our low pressure N2 overlay.

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