I think everyone would agree that the major wearing component in a regulator or control valve is the diaphragm.  In order to hold set point, a regulator or control valve is constantly adjusting the position of its plug relative to the valve orifice – that means constant flexing of the diaphragm.  Traditional diaphragm materials like EPDM or EPDM laminated to Teflon, or Stainless steel wear out, particularly if clean steam or vacuum is present.

What’s the cost if a diaphragm fails?  In other words, If a clean Steam or WFI control valve (or regulator) fails during processing – what does that cost your plant?

  • Think about that….  In the best world class plant, the loss of that valve is going to cost you a minimum of 4 hours downtime. And if the diaphragm break is catastrophic – meaning bits of diaphragm are distributed downstream of the valve, we are talking days to weeks of downtime to find the extent of the material that the diaphragm shed.

Diaphragm life has always been an area where Steriflow valve products shine.  Over 20 years ago – Steriflow started using a unique PTFE diaphragm, called Jorlon.

  • Jorlon is structurally modified pure PTFE. It is manufactured by a proprietary technique that reduces the creep and cold flow associated with conventionally formed solid, or laminated PTFE or Teflon.
    • It’s proven technology:
      • Over twenty years and tens of thousands of applications on Clean Steam, WFI, Buffer and Bioprocess solutions.
      • Rigorous Cycle Testing: Jorlon has been tested on a variety of Steriflow control valves on 45 psig (3 bar) continuous steam service to over 1 million full stroke cycles. One of those valves was further tested with an additional 100 Steam and vacuum cycles without failure.
      • And Steriflow guarantees Jorlon for a lifetime of use on all of our regulator and control valve products.
  • Jorlon also meets the following compliance criteria for use in the Biopharm Industry. Jorlon offers certified compliance to:
    • FDA CFR Title 21, Paragraph 177.1550 for plastic materials
    • S. Pharmacopeia XXVIII Class VI, Chapter 88 Biological Reactivity Test in Vivo
    • S. Pharmacopeia XXVIII, Chapter 87 Biological Reactivity Test in Vitro
    • ADI/TSE Free
    • Batch lot traceability for elastomer and plastic components

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