What is the maximum flow rate of one of a Mark 978? A customer said the through input for the valve, the flow rate for the valve, will have to be high enough to allow CIP solution to clean the 1/2″sanitary inlet and outlet lines.

When you are selecting a control valve or regulator for any biopharma or suitable application that will be CIP and SIP, make sure you select a valve that will handle the flows and differential pressures. I say that because CIP in rinse fluids will have different velocities, different flow rates than the process that the control valve is being used to control or regulator.

So not only the flow rates will be different but typically the inlet and outlet pressures for the valve on those clean utility runs will be different than the standard process media. Those clean utility fluids are also routed in a different manner than the process is typically routed because they all end up at the drain.

So when you’re dealing with our a representative or Steriflow Valve, we will ask you for a lot of information. We need the flow rate, not only for the medium, but also for the CIP and for rinse. And the same thing for clean steam. We need to know the inlet pressures and outlet pressures for all of those operating scenarios for the valve. If you give us that information, we can do multi-case sizing and select a Cv that will satisfy not only the process needs but also the CIP and rinse flow needs and SIP.

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