A local biotech company producing enzymes, used sparges ammonia gas into their fermenters to control the Ph of the broth. They had been using a competitor’s stainless steel PRV, but found they had to repair or replace the valve every six months. Upon disassembly, they discovered that the PRV’s stainless diaphragm was corroded to the point that the ammonia gas leaked into the bonnet. This complicated, and ultimately disqualified a repair because the ammonia gas mixed with moisture (in the air) in the bonnet and corroded the valves’ internal components rendering it unrepairable.

About ten months ago, our representative suggested that the customer try a LowFlow J-series valve with the Jorlon™ diaphragm. LowFlow Valve is a sister company of Steriflow Valve. The LowFlow model JRH was perfectly suited for this non-sterile application near the ammonia source. The LowFlow JRH was installed over six months agoa nd is working fine, has no leaked, and no corrosion.

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