Manual or Pneumatically Actuated Vessel Outlet Valve

Tank bottom diaphragm valves are sterile vessel outlet valves. They are designed for use at the bottom vessels to enable draining of process fluids while minimizing dead leg to prevent waste entrapment and contamination from bacteria or microorganisms.

Features & Benefits


Manual or air actuated outlet valve for sterile vessel


  • Bioreactor/fermenter: vessels
  • Perfused bioreactors: retentate or permeate vessels


  • Outlet valve for process vessels in the following production areas: separation, filtration, chromatography, formulation, fill finish

Available sizes: 1/2″ – 4″ (DN15 – DN100)

Outlet Connection type: tri-clamp, extended tube end

Additional ports or tandem access valve: as special option


  • Standard: Barstock, ASME SA479 316L (UNS 31603) or EN 10272:2000 GR 1.4435
  • Optional: AL-6XN®, Hastelloy® C-22 and others readily available

Surface Finish:
Wetted Interior:

  • Standard
    – ASME BPE SF1, 20 Ra µin (0,5 Ra µm)
    – ASME BPE SF5, 20 Ra µin (0,5 Ra µm) electropolish
  • Optional: ASME BPE SF4, 15 Ra µin (0,4 Ra µm) electropolish. Better finish upon request


Standard: 63 Ra µin (1,6 Ra µm)

Optional: 40 Ra µin (1,0 Ra µm) and better upon request


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