1. Industry Experience and Innovation is certainly one reason.
    • Steriflow grew up with the Biopharm industry. We started in 1988 with our patent for the Pharma industry’s first regulators, dedicated for use on Clean Steam and purified water.  We added control valves and steam traps in the 90’s. In the 2000’s we really began to grow when we became an autonomous division of our parent company, dedicated to manufacturing products for the pharma industry.

Since that time, we have innovated, adding many new product classes and expanding the operating and application range of others. And within those added offerings, we have 9 world or industry 1st products!

  1. Quality – Reliability is another reason companies keep coming back to us for product.
    • We are the only company in the industry to offer a lifetime diaphragm warranty. The toughness of our diaphragm and the other components in our regulators and control valves are well known by our customers and demonstrated by examples that we’ve been told:
      • A West Coast Biopharma Company Reliability Engineer has bumped their PM date on their large population of MK978 Control valves to 4 years. His desire going forward is to increase it to 8 years.
      • A major Biopharmaceutical company in New England reported that only one clean utility regulator in a facility population of 207 required maintenance over a nine-year period.

Finally, let’s talk about . . .

  1. Breadth of product offering
    • Steriflow provides a one-stop shop for all of your Sanitary Regulator, Control valve, Ball Valve and Steam trap needs.   What a lot of people don’t know is we also create best in class products for the dirty, or gray side of pharma plants. Our sister divisions, Jordan valve, Low Flow Valve, Marwin Valve and Bestobell manufacture industrial regulators, control valves, ball valves and plant steam traps for the gray side of these same plants.

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