SC50 Series – Sample Coolers

Intended for use in systems where fouling of the coil through scale build-up is anticipated, the SC50 can be easily disassembled for cleaning. Sampling is achieved by regulating a flow of clean steam or WFI through the central coil by using a hand regulating valve (SV). Cooling medium: typically city main water, passing through the shell of the unit absorbs heat from the test sample, condensing or cooling the sample prior to discharge from the coil. All surfaces wetted by the sample medium have a maximum surface finish of SF1 20 Ra µin (0.5 µm Ra). Full material certification is supplied for wetted parts.

  • 316L stainless steel construction – suitable for clean steam and WFI systems
  • Unit designed to be disassembled – easy to clean
  • Fully sterilizable/autoclavable – satisfies validations criteria
  • Availability of hygienic sample valve – allows fine control of sample flow during testing
  • Simple to install – use of Tri-Clamp compatible fittings ensures that the SC50 is simple to install
  • Mounts using standard pipe clamps

Data Sheet
Sample Cooler Data Sheet
Sample Cooler Accessories Data Sheet

I & M
SC50 Series I & M
Sample Cooler Engineering Data

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