Things you will learn:

  • How to use low pressure clean gas regulators to inflate and regulate head pressure on small Single Use vessels or incubators
  • How and Why clean steam trap operation is critical to successful SIP
  • What’s new in pressure regulator innovations:
    – Inline drainable, back pressure regulators for Process and WFI
    – Inline drainable pressure reducing valves for Process, WFI & Clean Steam
  • What’s new in control valve innovations:
    – Industry lowest nominal Cv (Kv) control valve
    – Remote mounted control valve positioner for compact installation
  • How we can help with ultra-reliable gray utility control valves and regulators

At the end of the event, stick around for a quick Steriflow Valve Challenge. The first four people who answer correctly will each take home a $50 Amazon gift card (or equivalent currency).