Picture of Steriflow Valve timeline of products

In the 1980’s, the new biopharmaceutical industry presented opportunities for innovative valve manufactures to create technology for control of validated steam sterilization, and Purified water pressure control. Jordan Valve’s “Steriflow Regulator” was the first to market, with a very reliable pressure reducing valve and back pressure regulator that met the industry’s standards for material, drainability, particulate minimization, surface finish, and the accuracy requirements of minimal offset.

Within 10 years, Steriflow regulators became, and still are, the most frequently specified for Clean Steam pressure control, Buffer pressure control, and Purified Water back pressure control in the world.

In 2007, with several more regulator, control valve and clean steam specialty products under our belt, the Steriflow Valve division was created to nurture continued innovation, and to broaden our product scope. Since that time we have introduced a broad range of industry firsts for the Biopharmaceutical Industry:

  • The industry’s first, and only Lifetime Diaphragm Warranty for our Regulators and Control valves.
  • The first true spring, and crevice free Check valve for horizontal and vertical line WFI and Biprocess applications.
  • The world’s only down flow Check Valve for Bioprocess drain applications.
  • The world’s first precision aseptic metering valve.
  • The world’s largest Pure Steam trap and accessory product range including products that can: shorten SIP heat-up time and eliminate validation temperature alarms
  • The first clean gas regulator product line developed specifically for Biopharmacetical applications.
  • The first clean gas regulators designed specifically for reliable control of low flows and low pressure.

Steriflow is a division of Richards Industrials and is headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio. Richards Industrials is the parent company of six other industrial product lines: Jordan Valve – regulators and control valves; Steriflow Food & Beverage – 3A regulators and control valves; LowFlow Valve – fractional flow valves; Marwin Valve – ball valves and automated products; Hex Valve – instrument valves and manifolds; and Bestobell Steam Traps – steam traps and steam specialty equipment.

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